MotorEthos was founded in the Spring of 2013 during a 3-day rally along the Northern California coast and inland forests. It was during this excursion that we met a number of wonderful enthusiasts with incredible stories of ownership, family, and camaraderie. MotorEthos is an endeavor to bring together the things we love: cars and the passionate owners, shops, fabricators and events that are their caretakers and storytellers. Our goal is to discover the ethos that drives the lifestyle of car enthusiasts and to share their stories with our audience.

We will also share one of our favorite pastimes - car shopping! Since childhood we've scoured the classifieds searching for cool cars we couldn't afford and settled for the toy versions that took their place. Time to blow the dust of those toys and find their real life counterpart. We'll feature the makes and models that get you dreaming of ownership and reminiscing of better days.

Peter Rosado
Pete is an architect at a mid-sized firm in the San Joaquin Valley. Born a car guy but not into a car family he was always looking for an outlet as a kid. “It’s a strange thing for me to be so passionate about something I was never really exposed to as a child. I can’t say it was a particular car or event, but somewhere down the line that switch was flipped and I’ve become a huge fan of the automobile.” Also a fan of Formula 1 and road racing, Pete has a soft spot for sports cars and manufacturers that race their products.

Kindelberg Morales
Kindelberg (Kin) is a financial analyst for the Sacramento public sector with a background in art and web design. His love of cars began at an early age when he would widdle away the hours of the day perfecting the lines of his favorite cars in 3 ring lined binder paper. “I remember the first time I saw my uncles brand new ‘87 Toyota 4Runner, it was perfect - cherry red with gold decals. I loved that car. I must have stared at it for hours.” Today, Kin’s taste in cars ranges from popular classics to off-the-beaten path american and mopar cruisers. “I don’t really care for minters or trailer queens. I like cars with a couple dings in the bumpers and a little road rash on the rear fenders.”

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