The Expendables 1955 Ford F-100 Rat Rod

Maybe we just had one too many root beer floats at last night’s A&W car show because something has got us trolling Craigslist today for 1940’s and 1950’s pick-up trucks and dreaming of a slammed out rat rod project. Just a bare bones, meat and potatoes, American muscle truck that we could spray paint in mat black, throw some off-the-wall flashy ‘look-at-me’ wheels and tires, and call it a day. You know, like the one Sylvester Stalone drives in The Expendables. Well, seek and ye shall find! This 1955 Ford F-100 is available for sale in Menlo Park, CA for (as the seller states) nothing lower than $4,500.

The F-100 is part of Ford’s second generation F-Series line, and in 1955 it came with either a 223 cubic-inch, inline six cylinder (I6) with 115 base horsepower (bhp) or a Y-block V8 putting out a ‘whopping’ 130 bhp. I guess that’s enough for cruising the misses out to the farmer’s market on Thursday night but not enough for the back-roads thrashing we’d like to put this baby through. So that’s why we did a little dance when we read that this ‘55 has already been upgraded to a 289 V8 from a 1967 Ford Mustang.

What’s really nice about this project is that it is all there and most of the repairs, such as the brake lights not working and the small amount of rust on the roof are easy fixes. It’s too bad the original plates are long gone, but the seller states that the truck is up to date and there are no back-fees to worry about. Sure, it may take some time and a lot more money to get it up to par with Sly’s truck, but for the initial investment cost, this F-100 is sure to make some wrench twirling rat roder out there very, very happy.

Oh, and if you haven’t seen The Expendables; don’t waste two hours of your life on it. Here is the F-100 in action. You're welcome.

Source:,, The Expendables 

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