Volkswagen Beetle Hot Rods: You Do Yours

The second you drive a vintage Volkswagen Beetle, you know there is something special about the car. It's quirky, 'pass me if you please' demeanor will transport you to a simpler (less hurried) time, when drivers were more likely to show you two fingers instead of one, and staying "groovy" and true to yourself was all that mattered.

There's no doubt that a large part of the Beetle's mass appeal is it's iconic look and inability to blend in, but there is another side to these little cars that is less often seen, a side with a bit more (what's the word?) edge. So we thought we'd take a minute to pay homage to the VW Hot Rod.

These hardcore slug-bugs (like their loving owners) make no excuses for what they are, and if you don't like it, then you can just keep walking buddy!

Find this one in Savannah, Georgia for only $3,999.

But maybe you're more into the clean polished look, a head-to-toe transformation that keeps the soul of the Beetle intact, but everything else...well, "customized" to say the least. Then check out this fire-engine red Volkswagen beauty that made it's presence known at Volksfest, in Port Adelaide, Australia.

Here is a similar 1959 VW Beetle hod rod with a '32 Ford front axle '56 Ford front brakes, 20 inch rear wheels with 14 inch fronts, and 1200 cc motor. Find it here in Bedford, Indiana for $10,500.

This 1966 Beetle has been pulled from the salvaged yard and given a new chance at life. Pumping out a whopping 180 bhp, and fitted with an aluminum gas tank, new engine with less than 1,000 miles, disc brakes and '32 Ford headlights and tail lights, this buggy is one bad mama-jama. Find it here in Tennessee for $12k.

What's truly amazing is the amount creativity and artistry incorporated into each one of these VW builds, there is really no limit to what you can do, and no preset stigma as to what it should and shouldn't look like. After all, not only is it a Beetle - it's a hot rod. Here are a couple more to get those creative juices flowing.

Think you can do better? We never said you couldn't. But if you need a little help, then pick up a copy of this do-it-yourself hot rod helpers guide 'How to Hotrod Volkswagen Engines' and get cracking on your very own build. If you do, be sure to send us details and lots of pics!

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