Iconic America: Captured

We're too young to reminisce about yesteryear but that doesn't mean we can't appreciate it. And for those of you who can unlock your memory vault and dive into the past you can relive your childhood through the lens of photographer Michael Paul Smith.


If you're as impressed as we are, you'll likely do double takes at everyone of his pictures and certainly the video. Mr. Smith painstakingly recreates scenes of times past through the masterful use of model making, lighting, and textures. But rather than try convince you of just how iconic and beautiful his photography is we'll let him explain it through his Flickr Moment.

We enjoy this last picture because it shows the true-to-life scale of the scenes Michael creates. And we especially enjoy the variety of classics he employs in his photography. Rarely do you see the same car used twice between shots!

Source: flickr.net, Michael Paul Smith's Photostream

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