Bay Area 02 Swap & Show

Whether you decide to keep it completely stock, or switch out the factory seats for a nice set of Recaros and drop an M3 engine in it - the BMW 2002 & 1600 is a timeless classic with endless amounts of potential. We were in Brisbane, CA this weekend checking out the Bay Area 02 Swap & Show. Event information for this and past events can be found here.

Although much of the event is catered to the 2002, the organizers encourage marque models from 1965 through 1976. We enjoyed looking at a half dozen E9 and Neue Klasse cars. And there is always room for something a bit more exotic like the Alpina B12 5.7 lurking behind this 1974 Turbo.

We really dig how this headlight cluster and front air dam dresses up the front of this 2002 with euro side markers. Note the uber rare hood fin. We wouldn't change a thing.

The Brisbane Marina is a great venue for an event like this. Beautiful views to the San Francisco Bay are only a head turn away.

It was impressive to see the number of M2 swaps on scene. For those not yet familiar with this modification, an M2 (as coined by the BMW 2002 community) is when the E30 M3 motor and drivetrain are dropped into the 2002 unibody. It makes for an incredible drool worthy setup. Especially with proper suspension and interior bits. We love these.

Nothing looks better in vintage cars than a Nardi steering wheel. In this car the chrome plays off the interior trim nicely and the wood compliments the gauge bezel.

True to it's name, owners can buy nearly anything for their rides. Everything from sway bars to steering wheels were available from the several venders.

The car corral. The orgainizers did a wonderful job of presenting this collection of BMWs. And we liked how each owner put their personal style into these little design icons. If you're looking for inspiration and camaraderie as you tinker with your classic 2002 you can't go wrong with this group of guys.

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