Taking a spin in the Fastback


A good weekend drive in my 1966 Mustang Shelby GT350 Tribute makes the world right... Enjoy. And get out and drive.

Why The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering is Unlike Any Car Show You Have Been To

Well, to start off, how many car shows have you gone to that are serving fresh oysters on a half shell and free flowing champagne? Exactly.

Top 10 Mustangs Movie Moments of All Time

To say we love Mustangs would be an understatement. We LOVE Mustangs, and we love movies with Mustangs in them. Whether they are being raced, chased, beat to hell or babied; if there is a Mustang in the film, we’ve watched it and probably bought a copy. So for your enjoyment and ours as well frankly, we’ve put together a list of our favorite Mustang movie moments.

Monterey Week 2015: A Reunion of Motorsports


This year marks our sophomore year of pilgrimage to the California central coast for Monterey Car Week and we're beyond excited. And once again we're putting together a list of events we think exemplifies the cars, the culture, the events and the people that make this week the best on the calendar.

2015 Tudor United Sports Car Championship

Sports car racing... it's a sport held close to my heart. And when the Tudor United Sports Car Championship is in Monterey my happy place is a quick drive to the California coast. This year the series is in year two of a marriage between ALMS and Grand-Am and by my track side observation there's no annulment in sight. Teams, drivers and fans all seem to be benefiting from the merger.