Do You Believe in Reincarnation?

It is easy to get caught up in nostalgia, fond memories of what seems like a lifetime ago brought back to the forefront of our minds by the sights, sounds, and smells of a classic car. The leather, the wood, and the sheer simplicity (unless you love German cars) of the inner mechanisms are what attract us to these metal and glass time capsules. Even if we didn't live in our car’s hay-day, when we get in, there’s no doubt in our mind that we could have, and we would have loved every minute of it.

But the love for classic cars isn't always a fore longed look into the past, sometimes it consist of a glimpse into the future. Would be future classics are all around us and new ones are coming out every year. Building on the names and styling cues of their predecessors, they hope to (like them) carve out a niche in time that they can call their own.

Regardless of your taste, there's something out there for you. One of our favorites is the Jaguar XKR, with it's anything but subtle styling and proper tip of the cap to the infamous E-type, this 370 bhp version of a time honored classic is a reincarnation done right. And imagine, a Jaguar that actually starts!

Take a look at the 2002 Mini Cooper, and all its styling cues hearken back to 1959. It evokes images of '60s swinging London and Monte Carlo Rally wins. But look beyond the big round headlamps, the chrome grille, and the characteristic Mini Cooper contrasting-color roof, and you'll see a modern BMW in all but name and drivetrain layout.- Car & Driver (August 2001)

Sure, most are nothing more than clever ploys to tug on our softy car enthusiast heart strings. Do I want a green Mustang Fastback just because Steve McQueen drove one in Bullit, or a 1969 Dodge Charger, just because a couple good 'ol boys from Hazard County proved them to be pretty much indestructible? Yes, you bet your ass I do (and if you tell me you never tried jumping in your dad's car through an open passenger side window, then you're doing us both a great disservice).

But is there anything wrong with wanting these cars simply for the reason that they transport us to a nostalgic time and place in our minds? We say, no - absolutely not. And if you can afford to keep both versions in your garage, we say, do that too.

So tell us which new takes on classic styling are your favorites?

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