Roadkill 1968 Dodge Charger Mopar Frankenstein Monster Build

"This is the equivalent of stepping foot on the moon, that's what happened here today. If I was a guy in a Prius or a Yaris and saw this coming at me in the rear view mirror, I would get out of the way." - Mike Finnegan

With a big block 440 from a Pace Arrow, a transmission from a Dodge Fury and a custom made mesh grill, Mike Finnegan and David Frieburger prove that (what we all learned growing up is true), the 68 Dodge Charger is the most bad-ass, back-roads thrashing, lean mean Mad Max hot rod ever to have graced God's green Earth. Oh and speaking of God's green Earth, have these guys ever heard of oil catch containers?

Roadkill airs every fourth Friday on the Motor Trend Channel

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