Cars and Coffee: Euro Sunday Brings Dreams of Springtime Road Rallies

The latest Cars and Coffee Euro Sunday event held at the Sacramento California Auto Museum had us wiggling in our seats all the way home. But not because of the salted caramel mochas or strawberry banana smoothies (although I'm sure those had something to do with it).

No, we were gitty as schoolboys simply because every time we get around fellow vintage car nuts with amazing pre-1975 cars, all mechanically sorted and proudly boasting sticker collections of past b-road adventures, we get bit. And once you're bit, there's really only one thing that will scratch that kind of itch. Yeah, you guessed it, it's rally time!

Luckily we live in California, spring is upon us, the weather is warming up and the end of winter is in sight. So if you haven't had time to sort out any issues you noticed on the road last year, here's a friendly reminder to get cracking.

Not sure where to start?

Don't worry, not too long ago we featured a couple posts that might be helpful to you once you pull the tarp off your ride.

Were Doing a Rally : Road Trip Check List

Emergency Roadside Kit

We are lucky, and already we have been invited on a few rallies, but unfortunately we've had to pass (we do have day jobs you know) and saving up for Monterey Week is no easy task. But there are a couple rallies coming up that have peaked our interest, are reasonably priced and just seem too damn good to pass up!

Keep reading for more information on two events that we are seriously considering, but first some more photos from the Cars and Coffee event. Have you been?

The 2nd Annual Capitol Carrera

When: April 26 and 27, 2014

Cost: $350 buys you and your navigator entry into the event, overnight accommodations, finish line dinner, t-shirts for two and of course, cool event signs for your ride. Remember those badges of honor we were just talking about? Well this is how you earn them.

Where: Although the route is kept top-secret, participants are forewarned to prepare their cars for sun, wind, rain and snow. They are also guaranteed to see roads and places they have never seen before as the route includes up to 500 miles of driving over two days.

What You'll Need: A pre-1975 car, a sense of adventure and (were guessing) a large gas tank.

Why This Event: It's for a good cause! All proceeds benefit the California Auto Museum, a car lover's treasure in the heart of California. Also, it's great to get in on new rallies. Who knows? You may be taking part in what is soon to be a vetted "must do" vintage car rally tradition.

Sign up here

2014 Snowball Rally

"Demand is high for events where you can drive your cars instead of just polish them, and we think more BaT fans should start events like this one across the country. Just be sure to invite us!"- Bring a Trailer
When: April 25, 26 and 27, 2014

Cost: $325 for two people buys entry and overnight accommodations in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. Two t-shirts, a rally plate, decals for your car and entry to the events awards banquet.

Where: Sacramento to Tahoe and back, route to be disclosed at starting line (with an optional night stage beginning in San Francisco).

What You'll Need: A pre-1975 sports and touring car, sorry website specifies no trucks, vans or tractors. Tractors, really? You have to specify no tractors?

Why This Event: Well, besides the fact that we are yet to find a bar, brewery or restaurant in Tahoe that is not to our liking, the Snowball Rally is a tried and true event. It is the official successor to the Alpine 500 and worthy of bragging rights.

Sign up here

Both these events are great ways to get your classic on the road and scratch that nagging rally bug itch. Unfortunately they are both happening the same weekend, so pick one and go with it! Now, if only we could take our own advice.

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