Concours on the Avenue Brings Families Together
Carmel by the Sea is the perfect sleepy town backdrop to gather your friends and family and look at some amazing automobiles, but don't just come for the cars.

The truth of the matter is that there are so many people out there lining up Ocean Ave to get a look at the multi-million dollar automobiles that will be on display at Pebble Beach on Sunday, that getting a good look at any particular one without an elbow to your mid-section is almost impossible. And if your looking to snap some pictures without any pedestrian traffic, well then, this is not the place to get that shot.

But the Concours cars are the not the only reason to head down to this show. Get there early (a couple hours early) and park on one of the streets of Ocean Ave, grab some coffee at the Carmel Coffee House located on Ocean Ave between 7th and Dolores, then start exploring. One of the best thing about this event is the number of amazing cars and motorcycles you get to see parked along the fairytale like architecture in downtown Carmel. We really liked the racing inspired bikes by Dutchman Motorbikes out of San Diego, CA.

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