1957 VW Oval Window Bug is Just About Right


Everyone loves a properly sorted Bug and if you're in the market then look no further. This turnkey 1957 Volkswagen oval window Beetle has all the right tidbits that you'll need in your classic daily driver. We love the subdued yellow paint that appears to have been thoroughly applied with no obvious signs of over-spray. The Bug is probably the only car in the world that is at home in any solid or two-tone paint combination.

The owner claims the car is from CA with no rust and aforementioned paint being original. We love the stance but would still take it down an 1" or 2" really get that Cal-look. We'd also swap out the rims for some period correct Cosmic MKII wheels or original Porsche 356 steelies.

From the description the electrical system and engine have had some attention to increase reliability. The suspension is also said to have gone through a complete refreshing with new KYB shocks front and rear.

Being sold on craigslist out of Oregon City of $16,250 there might be some wiggle room for you add your own character or throw in a trade.

Source: Craigslist

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