1971 Austin Mini Cooper Works Rally Tribute

Smiles per miles! That's how you tabulate the fun factor in these little rockets. The owner of this 1971 Austin Mini has gone to great lengths to create a Cooper Works rally tribute.  Over the course of a year the owner states a bare shell strip, panel replacements, new paint, mechanicals and interior. This Mini looks the business and you can find it for sale on eBay in Castro Valley, CA. It's also getting some screen time on another favorite website of ours, Bring a Trailer.

The original 'Smart Car' designed by Alec Issigonis and built by the British Motor Corporation in the late 1950's provided a space-saving front-wheel drive layout that allowed 80 percent of the floor pan to be used for passengers and luggage. A surprisingly roomy interior, over 30mpg fuel efficiency, and excellent handling lead this design to become an icon for its era. As a matter of fact you could find the likes of The Beatles and Steve McQueen behind the wheel of the smiling grille.

The stance on this Mini tribute looks great. The seller states it sits on adjustable 'hi/lows', adjustable 'Gaz" shocks with adjustable camber brackets at the back. The 5x10 Minilite wheels are a favorite for many enthusiasts. However, we'd replace them with a set of Cosmic MKII which look stunning on classic rally vehicles. The gas cap you see is the only one you're going to find as the owner didn't equipment the car with dual tanks found on Cooper S models.

Working head lights, quad driving lights, bumper overriders and a leather bonnet strap outfit the horizontal slat smiling grille. We love this look. We also dig the stickers but understand some buyers may opt to remove them.

We're suckers for wood steering wheels and the Moto-Lita is a great touch. Your co-driver gets to operate the stopwatch, map light and replica Halda Tripmaster as you practice your best Paddy Hopkrik gravel drift on your nearest back-roads.

That's right... you're looking at the a RHD Mini. Initially we think you'll have a blast rolling up to stoplights and drive-thrus getting a kick out of the reactions and smiles from your fellow car nut. But you'll be thinking twice about the vanity of RHD when you need to pass that old Ford F-100 on a two lane country road. At least you'll be cinched in tight to those Corbeau bucket seats!

With 4 days left and the bidding approaching $15,000 (with reserve met) we're wondering what the winning bid will be. It'll be a smile for every dollar spent. For sure!

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