Party Like It's 1999: BMW M3 Convertible

What do mini-skirts, crop-tops and fluorescent colors have in common with this BMW E36? They all went out with a bang in 1999! But what sets this apart from the many E36s on the used-car market is the M3 badge and removable hardtop. And just like those mini-skirts, the fashion has come full circle and they're back in style. Find this enthusiast owned E36 M3 on Craigslist near Folsom, CA for $7,500.

It appears the owner has taken incredible care of this car as the few pictures provided show little wear. This is impressive as nearly every E36 that we've seen has been kicked and stomped like a soda can in a back alley.  Be certain, if you're in the market for one of these you'll need to be patient to find a similar example any time soon.

Although the iPod wasn't even invented when this car was released, the stereo has been upgraded to an Alpine head unit to play all your favorite tunes through your iPhone. Heated seats for topless driving, airbags all-around, rollover protection if you get in trouble, newer tires at the corners and original tools and first aid kit in the trunk round out the rest of the car. The seller states impeccable service so be sure to check the maintenance records and schedule a PPI for peace of mind. For the money, this is a cheap entry fee to nostalgia. 

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