Celebrate 4th of July with an American Icon

Can you think of a better way to celebrate the upcoming 4th of July weekend, than from the driver seat of an American icon? Besides scarfing down homemade apple pie and singing 'Take Me Out to the Ballgame' at the top of your lungs during the seventh inning stretch, few things scream 'God Bless America' more than the roar of a V8 emanating from the exhaust pipes of a Ford Mustang.

Although Fastbacks and Shelby's are hard to come by and are either rolling projects in need of some serious help or completely restored trailer queens priced up around 30k (that's if your lucky); there are still a significant amount of coupes in great condition for reasonable prices. Take for instance this 1966 candy-apple red pony with yellow and black plates for sale in Sacramento, CA.

The 289 V-8 won't blow the doors of any highway rivals, but with the automatic transmission it will make for a pleasant cruiser and will give you just enough pull when coming off the line to keep you smiling. The black vinyl interior looks to have been well maintained and the whitewall tires play nicely of the cream top.

The engine compartment looks clean and kept up, with what looks to be a replica air filter and new radiator. The seller mentions air-conditioning and power steering which doesn't match up to what we know came factory on these models, but a quick Google search reveals aftermarket kits that would make both of these easily available. Priced reasonably at 15.9k this nicely kept piece of Americana would make a sweet addition to any collection, though we'd still haggle a little since they are so common and we're so cheap.

What's great about the Mustang is that finding parts and a good mechanic to work on them is as easy as flipping to the automobile section in the phone book, closing your eyes and dropping your finger on any random garage ad. Add that to the fact that not only are you buying a classic car that is likely to appreciate but also a piece of American history, and that makes the Ford Mustang a sure bet in our book.

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