911 Porsche V8 Hot Rod: Not for the Pure of Heart

To the Porsche purist, it may be the ultimate sacrilege. But to us, the sound of a well tuned V8 (any V8, regardless of where it lives) is music to our ears. Find this hot rod wide body Porsche 911 930 with ZZ4 Chevy V8 in San Francisco, CA for $27k.

Per the seller, this pre 1978 Targa features;

a V8 ZZ4 performance motor,

showroom quality paint job,

Ron Davis / Renegade Racing cooling system,

Borla mufflers, a Holley 650 carburetor,

5 speed 915 transaxle with short shifter,

22 mm front / 28 mm rear torsion bars, 21 mm sway bar and adjustable strut braces, steel factory upgraded wide body and new 8.5 / 10.5 GT Qualifier tires.

It takes a special kind of driver and enthusiast to appreciate a car like this. Some would view it as a Frankenstein monster, part 'this' and part 'that', living in two worlds equally and yet belonging to neither at the same time. But beauty is all in the eye of the beholder and what we like about cars such as these is that they force us to take a step back and reevaluate what we once might not have even contemplated.

We might even goes as far as to argue that a car like this is the epitome and true embodiment of the American spirit and attitude. It is something like an immigrant child with a foreign name, maybe not born here, but welcomed, raised and reshaped.

It understands that at first glance, most will form an opinion based on it's looks (only to have that opinion shattered at the sound of a deep familiar growl where a strange accent should be) and that's okay. Because it knows what it is, even if no one else does.

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