Wicked Quick Has the Look You Need

Okay, so that vintage Laguna Seca tee circa 2009 is pretty cool, but you have been wearing it for three weeks straight now and it no longer passes the sniff test (or any test for that matter). Time to freshen up your wardrobe without looking like your mommy took you on a back-to-school shopping spree. Check out some of these awesome racing inspired looks from Wicked Quick.
"Pushing the boundaries while never losing sight of why we first stepped on the pedal, and dedicated to rule-breakers both on and off the track, Wicked Quick makes premium lifestyle pieces for everyday wear for all those who live their life at one speed – all out." – Wicked Quick
Founder and CEO, Tarran Pitschka has worked with top name brand companies such as Nike, No Fear, Ford, Landrover and NASCAR. Now, with a brand of his own centered around a "built-for-speed" philosophy, Mr.Pitschka has a humble and earnest goal, to "drive his brand to global relevance in the world of speed". We dig it.

Here are a couple more of our favorites. Go buy one, you know you want to.

Sources and Images: wickedquick.com

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